Planet Local Summit Bristol
Planet Local Summit Bristol
Planet Local Summit Bristol, UK
Planet Local Summit Bristol, UK
Planet Local Summit Bristol, UK

“Localisation is the path to ecological economies, direct democracy, thriving communities and healthy food systems.”

– Helena Norberg-Hodge, Director, Local Futures

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Cutting-edge thinkers, writers, policy makers, movement builders and activists:

Charles Eisenstein - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Charles Eisenstein
Nathalie Kelley
Nathalie Kelley
Bayo Akomolafe. Planet Local Summit Bristol
Bayo Akomolafe
Poppy Okotcha - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Poppy Okotcha
Jyoti Fernandes. Planet Local Summit Bristol
Jyoti Fernandez
Jeremy Lent - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Jeremy Lent
Lyla June Johnston - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Lyla June Johnston
John Perkins - Planet Local Summit Bristol
John Perkins
Mika Tsutsumi - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Mika Tsutsumi
Iain McGilchrist - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Iain McGilchrist
Camila Moreno - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Camila Moreno
Satish Kumar - Planet Local Summit Bristol
Satish Kumar
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Planet Local Voices

new interview series

At the Summit we interviewed diverse voices to create a living record of insights and experiences from all around the world. We offer this valuable resource freely and encourage you to share it widely.
Find new episodes on the Local Futures website, on our YouTube channel and on the Local Futures Podcast. Stay tuned for more episodes.

Snapshots video series

Watch and share the short videos of our Snapshots series with highlights of the livestream recordings. Featuring Iain McGilchrist, Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Eva Henje, Satish Kumar, Morag Gamble, Jack Harries, Jeremy Lent, and many more. Watch all livestream recordings by clicking the button below.


View our selection of photos taken during the three-day Summit.

Charles Eisenstein - Planet Local Summit hosted by Local Futures
Jack Harries and others - Planet Local Summit hosted by Local Futures
Planet Local Summit 2023 - hosted by Local Futures. Photo by Local Futures.
Planet Local Summit hosted by Local Futures
Jurgis Didžiulis - Planet Local Summit 2023
Planet Local Summit 2023 - hosted by Local Futures. Photo by Local Futures.

"Everywhere I go, I see a proliferation of small-scale, local and inspiringly beautiful alternatives to the dominant system."

Helena Norberg-Hodge - founder of Local Futures

In preparation for the Summit we produced a booklet called 'A Global Movement Comes of Age', in which Helena Norberg-Hodge explains the meaning and significance of the global-to-local message.

Booklet Planet Local Summit

Summit themes

Rethinking food and farming The roots of depression Climate and carbon Corporate welfare Indigenous wisdom Human-scale economies The role of technology The role of education Activism Challenging corporate media Healing ourselves, healing our communities The future of finance Spirituality and personal transformation

Planet Local in Bristol!

A colourful mural was created by local artists Silent Hobo and Inkie, on one of the most famous street art walls in Bristol, UK, in the lead-up to the Planet Local Summit.

The mural was commissioned by former Bristol mayor George Ferguson, and backed by Bedminster BID and Local Futures.