Friday, 29 September – Sunday, 1 October, 2023

Come prepared for three full days of engaging talks, on-stage conversations and breakout sessions. There will also be music, comedy, interactive games, yoga and cultural offerings.

A rare opportunity to connect and network with like-minded people from around the world as well as closer to home. In other words, an unmissable blend of analysis, inspiration and celebration!

The Summit starts on Friday morning at 9am and ends late afternoon on Sunday at 6pm. Friday and Saturday include an evening session until 9pm and will be held at the St George's Bristol. Sunday's event will take place at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Southville, Bristol. Click Venues for directions.

We will be mapping out the programme – we already have more than 80 speakers - in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for updates!

Tricky issues

During the Summit, we will be tackling some of the questions that often arise when we talk about localisation:

How do we tackle global problems in a localised world?

What is the role of the nation state if we localise?

Doesn’t localisation mean rejecting technological progress?

Don’t we need global corporations to make cars, computers and pharmaceuticals?

How can we reconcile the need for inner, personal transformation with the need for outer, structural change?

Is the Green New Deal a real solution?

How can an alternative economic agenda get out when the media is controlled by large corporations?

What about “walking our talk”? What does that mean if our ‘talk’ is about systems change?

Isn’t localisation élitist?

Inspiration from around the world

We’ll also be learning about on-the-ground-projects from every continent, such as:

Consumer coops in Japan and Mexico Local finance initiatives in the US Small farm networks in Zimbabwe and Romania Ecoversities in India Indigenous community-building in Australia Permaculture, transition towns and ecovillage networks around the world
Local food alliances from everywhere!

NOTE: The Planet Local Summit will be the centrepiece of a wide range of related events that will be happening throughout Bristol, UK from the middle of September. These will highlight localisation initiatives happening within and around the city, with a special focus on the central importance of local food systems. Click here to stay up to date: